Sustainability Committee

​Due to declining tobacco-tax revenues, and a nearly depleted reserve fund, First 5 Sacramento’s annual operating budget will decrease drastically in the next strategic planning cycle and beyond. As a result of First 5 Sacramento’s declining ability to invest, the sustainability of much needed programs and services for children 0 – 5 and their families, will continually be a part of what the Commission works toward.

The Commission has initiated Policy, Advocacy and Sustainability work with goals for building:  1. Sustainable systems for children with legislative and policy changes; and 2. Sustainable programs for children with leveraged, new or alternate financial resources.

On June 6, 2016 the First 5 Sacramento approved a Resolution establishing the Sustainability Committee of the Commission. The Sustainability Committee will work to develop a Sustainability Plan that will include the following:

  • Goals and strategies for reducing costs by securing new funding for services; finding alternate ways to fund services; cost sharing; and leveraging funds.
  • An outreach plan for engaging potential funders, such as the business community and foundations, and identify shared priorities with prospective contributors.
  • Capacity building and promoting more efficient use of existing resources among funded agencies.
  • Creating and/or supporting coordinated policy agendas with statewide and local advocacy groups and legislators.

Other more general responsibilities of the Committee will include: Policy development; parent and civic engagement; coalition and network building.